Pregnancy Loss Support Group - In Loving Arms

In Loving Arms is a community of hope for moms and dads who have experienced

pregnancy or neonatal loss.


This is a six-week peer-to-peer support group led by founders and authors, John and Tani Leeper. It is their desire to bring comfort to the hurting and remind you, you are not alone. Together, you will have honest conversations addressing real questions about pregnancy and neonatal loss that is both helpful and hopeful. Each week you will share your thoughts on different topics and hear from other moms and dads, just like you, as they honestly and candidly share their own experience of loss.


  • In Loving Arms
    Apr 28, 6:30 PM PDT – Jun 02, 8:30 PM PDT
  • In Loving Arms
    Porter Ranch, Ca
    Jun 08, 6:30 PM – Jul 11, 8:00 PM
    Porter Ranch, Ca, 19700 Rinaldi St, Northridge, CA 91326, USA
  • In Loving Arms
    Aug 17, 6:30 PM – Sep 21, 8:30 PM
  • In Loving Arms
    Porter Ranch, Ca
    Oct 26, 6:30 PM – Nov 30, 8:00 PM
    Porter Ranch, Ca, 19700 Rinaldi St, Northridge, CA 91326, USA

Feel free to join us. See all of our upcoming group sessions below.



CJ & Valerie Alviar 

Having to really face and deal with our pain in a loving and supportive environment helped us heal in ways we didn’t even know we needed healing from. And though the void cannot be filled, this helped us allow the light to shine through the voids and broken pieces of our own hearts.

Tom & Annette Pearson

In Loving Arms created a safe and nurturing environment for us to grieve our baby girl. Tani and John adopted us into their family

and hearts.

Kimberly Herrarte 

Just a week after I lost my baby, I was able to join this group and it was the best thing I could have done. This group helped me and my husband express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others in a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Brandon Carbullido 

We will forever be grateful for crossing paths with John and Tani and being a part of this support group. The time spent each week has been invaluable to our healing and recovery process.

Paul and Amber Iovine

John and Tani asked the questions that help us process our grief and promoted healing along this grief journey. They both have supported us in a healing, genuine way.

Thank you. 


Thank you for the breakthrough you helped walked us through. If it was not for this group, I would have never known that my husband felt I blamed him for what happened. This was something he was holding on to for almost two years.

Thank you

Nadia Borges

This group allow my husband and I to have a Godly community where we can speak about deep rooted issues and behaviors that arose after our loss. My husband and I got even closer through the joining of this group. I was able to hear my husband and myself speak of things as they arose or what we went through more detailed. It was great to see other women’s husbands show up for their wives, but all the more show up for themselves. It made this group a powerhouse! The topic and common ground with others who have carried the same pain of a parent who lost their children was quite unique and a blessing and we all helped one another. Overall, the journey of losing our babies since 2020 has taught me gentleness, pausing, resting, and feeling all my feelings and purpose in life. This group shined light on it and put words to this walk in life. 

Deana Carbullido

This program was an amazing support and came at the right time for me and my husband. It has given me the tools to begin to heal my heart. It wasn’t just John and Tani who were excellent, it was the other participants too. You will gain friendships. Also, Tani would go the extra mile to chat or do zoom calls outside of the sessions. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone going through pregnancy loss. Thank you so much!

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