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Baby Hope

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

by Tamara Kay Mohl

After loosing her first baby due to a miscarriage, Tamara got a tattoo with her baby's name above her heart to forever honor and remember her first baby. Today she has two beautiful girls. Her girls will grow up knowing about their big sister, Hope, who awaits them in heaven.


We never forget about our angel baby, even after the rainbow 🌈. The wrenching pain fades but his or her memory stays with us forever. Thank you Tamara for sharing this with us. “You are my angel, my darling, my star . . . And my love will find you wherever you are.” Tonight I was reading this book “My Love Will Find You Wherever You Are” to Arabella before bed, and all of my emotions came at me. Today is my Angel Baby day, what should have been Hope’s 4th birthday. I was thinking about her recently and how the pain has faded so much, but today it just popped up on me and the tears just flowed. To my sweet angel, thank you for being the first of my girls to make me a Mommy. Thank you for paving the way for your sisters, because while I would have loved to have held you in my arms, I absolutely cannot imagine my life without my Darling (Arabella) and my Star (Emma). In honor of your birthday, here are pictures of my memory of you with your sisters. ❤️

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